Lifepak CR2 Essential Fully Automatic AED WIFI


The LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Fully Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

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The LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Fully Automatic AED WIFI

The LIFEPAK CR2 Fully-Automatic AED Wi-FI response system is expertly designed for user confidence. The CR2 is easy to use and the only AED that allows CPR compressions during heart rhythm analysis. And LIFELINKcentral™ AED Program Manager monitors each AED every single day, sending alerts via cellular network or Wi-Fi® about anything that may affect a unit’s readiness—all automatically.

When assisting at an emergency the responder needs the easiest possible Defibrillator, giving them the confidence to apply correctly to the casualty.  While other AEDs may be difficult to use, the LIFEPAK CR2 Fully-Automatic AED Wi-FI uses simple graphics, audible instructions and automated features to help users remain focused and calm. We’ve removed all the guesswork, so users can start helping to save a life in just three steps.

  1. Remove all clothing from the patient’s chest
  2. Apply pads exactly shown in the pictures
  3. Follow the instructions that are clearly given via the Defibrillator