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Around 20,000 Australians suffer a cardiac arrest outside a hospital every year. 

The survival rate if you have a cardiac arrest outside of hospital is approximately 10%.

The first 3-5 minutes holds the key to survival.

Sudden cardiac arrest often occurs with no warning and there is a 90% chance of death if it occurs outside a hospital.

Immediate action is required in order to survive a cardiac arrest.

The following steps must be taken urgently

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – urgent CPR is critical.

Defibrillation – If a defibrillator is available, it should be used as soon as possible.

We have put together bundled Defibrillator packages to suit most industries..

Please Note: These Products are only available for sale within Australia and New Zealand



Intuitive Training with CPR, can now supply a defibrillator to suit your needs, from a defibrillator for home through to any size workplace we can help you to get a defibrillator to suit your situation.

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Please Note: These Products are only available for sale within Australia.




CellAED® is your handheld, smart, personal defibrillator, for use together with CPR, in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest – bridging the gap until Emergency Services arrive.


Designed for your home and workplace

Easy to use under pressure in three steps – Snap Peel Stick®

Guided by audio voice prompts

Pre-charged battery and no need for replacement pads or gels

*The product expiry of CellAED®️ 2 years 

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Please Note: This Product is only available for sale within Australia and New Zealand

3 Options to Purchase

  1. CellAED | Your Personal Defibrillator

    Only $499.00 GST Free

  2. CellAED | Your Personal Defibrillator | For life – Annual bundle

    Only $557.00 inc GST

  3. CellAED | Your Personal Defibrillator | For life – 2 Year bundle

Only $775 inc GST


Heartsine and Lifepak AED’s



Intuitive Training now supply and re stock Australian compliant First Aid kits.

We can supply a wide range of  TGA approved first aid kits from small workplace kits, to larger kits suitable for national organisations with multiple sites. All kits can be branded with your company logo and we can included specific company information if required.

Our re-stocking service saves your workplace hundreds of dollars, as we automate the restocking process scheduling annual delivery refill packs at a fraction of the price of current restocking services.

Contact us to discuss your first aid kit needs or order online.

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